CDMA Tutorial

CDMA Tutorial

Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is a channel access method normally used by 3G radio communication technology as well as in some other technologies. The technicality of CDMA technology has given significant advantages over other parallel technologies in terms of spectrum efficiency and overall performance.

This is a brief tutorial that describes all the technical terms in a simple language to make it understandable for all the interested readers.


The tutorial is designed for all those readers who are planning or pursuing the CDMA course to make their career in this field. However, it is also meant for the common readers who simply want to understand — what is CDMA Technology?


This tutorial provides a basic overview of CDMA in a user-friendly way. We have tried to keep it simple enough so that it would be useful to any reader. A general awareness of some basics of telecommunications is sufficient to understand the concepts explained in this tutorial.