Time Series Tutorial

Time Series Tutorial

A time series is a sequence of observations over a certain period. The simplest example of a time series that all of us come across on a day to day basis is the change in temperature throughout the day or week or month or year.

The analysis of temporal data is capable of giving us useful insights on how a variable changes over time.

This tutorial will teach you how to analyze and forecast time series data with the help of various statistical and machine learning models in elaborate and easy to understand way!


This tutorial is for the inquisitive minds who are looking to understand time series and time series forecasting models from scratch. At the end of this tutorial you will have a good understanding on time series modelling.


This tutorial only assumes a preliminary understanding of Python language. Although this tutorial is self-contained, it will be useful if you have understanding of statistical mathematics.

If you are new to either Python or Statistics, we suggest you to pick up a tutorial based on these subjects first before you embark on your journey with Time Series.