Hazelcast Tutorial

Hazelcast Tutorial

Hazelcast is a distributed IMDG, i.e. in-memory data grid, which is used widely across industries by companies like Nissan, JPMorgan, Tmobile, to name a few.

It offers various rich features including distributed cache to store key-value pairs, constructs to create and use distributed data structure, and a way to distribute your computation and queries among nodes in a cluster.

Hazelcast is a very useful tool in developing applications that require high scalability, performance, and availability.


This tutorial deep dives into various features that make Hazelcast a very useful tool. It is directed towards software professionals who want to develop highly scalable and performant applications. Post this tutorial, you would have intermediate knowledge of Hazelcast and its usage.


To make the most of this tutorial, you should have working knowledge of Data Structures, while having some exposure to Java is preferable.