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The ultimate guide to become an AI-ML Engineer

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About the Prime Pack

According to the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, artificial intelligence will have a greater influence on humanity than fire, electricity, and the internet combined.

With our AI/ML premium pack at Tutorialspoint, we ensure your professional success. The prime pack was specifically designed to assist you in implementing AI and ML fundamentals from scratch. You will gain in-depth knowledge that will enable you to understand the opportunities and challenges in the AI and ML domains. With the aid of the Python language, we will cover topics such as Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing,  Deep Learning ,Neural Network, Tensors, Regression . The Prime Pack will teach you the concepts with real-world case studies and an artificial Intelligence projects. 

The Future of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • A machine learning engineer makes, on average, $145,296 per year in the US.

  • Machine learning is advancing across many industries, including finance, healthcare, IT, cybersecurity, CRM, and human resources, among others.

  • It is anticipated that 97 million staff will be needed in businesses connected to artificial intelligence by 2025.

Why Should You Get This Prime Pack?

  1. The prime pack with an industry-relevant curriculum will help you learn to work with and even build your artificial intelligence framework.

  2. It walks you through combining deep learning, machine learning, and other AI technologies for improved business operations.

  3. Understand and solve different problems with practical machine learning for data analysis using Python.

  4. We cover in-depth different details of advanced algorithms: time series, linear regression, multiple and logistic regression, and decision trees.

  5. To study fundamental principles and tools for data analysis, data visualization, and steps in exploratory data analysis.

  6. Understand Deep Learning with Keras and create step-by-step instructions for your own neural network in Python using Keras.

  7. 12 real-world case studies and a Python project to help you improve your CV.


  • Comprehend fundamental Python programming ideas. Compile code and run real-world Python programs.

  • Prepare yourself to master the field of artificial intelligence by learning the fundamental principles behind it.

  • Acquire knowledge of essential tools for data analysis. Discover the Exploratory Data Analysis Workflow, the Numpy Concept for Data Analysis, and more.

  • Gain knowledge of the top Python libraries for data science, including NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.

  • Learn to implement machine learning in the real world. Build real-world projects using the tools and techniques you learn in this course.

  • Prepare for job interviews with the latest concepts in the industry, Python and core ML libraries, statistics, and machine learning models.


  • Passion for learning AI-ML
  • Everything you need is covered in the bundle
  • A Computer Installed with Windows/Linux /OS
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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Prime Pack
This Prime Pack includes
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  • Duration 87 hours
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  • Language English
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