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  • Select a topic of your interest and design a curriculum prior to recording your videos.
  • Start recording your new course or you can publish your pre-existing courses as well.
  • Simply Sign-Up/Sign-in with us to access your author dashboard.
  • Create your course draft, add the course information, upload the videos and submit it for moderation. (Note: adding thorough information about the course help the students to get a better understanding).
  • Your Author Profile is the key to attracting more students. Do upload your profile picture and write a bio about yourself.
  • Feel free to contact us at partners@tutorialspoint.com in case of any queries.

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Earn money every time a student purchases your course. Get paid monthly through PayPal or directly in your bank if your bank is in India.

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Help people learn new skills, advance their careers, and explore their hobbies by sharing your knowledge.

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Our team is ready to help you through your course creation process any time you like.

Frquently Asked Questions

Answer - Our beautiful website tutorialspoint.com is one of the oldest resources on internet which is providing the best self learning content since 2006 to working professionals and students across the world.

At present we are serving 1Million+ users from almost every corner of the world. As per Alexa, we are ranking among top 100 websites in India and top 500 websites in the World.

So by hosting your course at tutorialspoint.com, you are going to get immediate exposure to a large internet community who is really willing to pay for premium content. Additionally, we do not charge you anything to host your courses with us.

If you are hosting just free courses then you will get great exposure and if you are hosting paid premium course then definitely you are going to make great amount of money with us.

Answer - You can contact us at contact@tutorialspoint.com and our team will be happy to help you for any issue you are facing with the platform.

Answer - Yes you can definitely do whatever markerting you can do at your level but for every sell your revenue share will remain same unlike other market places. This is because we also do require promotion of your course and we do not deduct any marketing charges from your sell like any other market places do. So we have flat revenue sharing regardless you sell it or we sell it. This is because we believe in win-win business where both the parties are putting same effort to sell the courses.

Answer - This depends on the course demand. If you have a great course which is very much in demand then you can have considerable number of sells per month. For every sell, we will share 50% revenue with the trainers which is far higher than what other marketplaces are offering.

Please note that before sharing revenue for the sell we will have to deduct affiliation commission in case sell happens through any affilate, payment gateway charges and if sell happens in India then 18% GST (Goods & Services Tax) will also be deducted from the sell amount and then remaining amount will be shared between tutorials point and the owner of the course.

Answer - Your course price is your decision and you can keep it based on the value of your cost. However, we suggest to include your course in promotional activities where tutorials point will control the price of your course and will change time to time to give a boost to your sell. If you do not include a course in promotional activities then your base price (or discounted price if given) will be published as the selling price of the course.

Answer - If you have your bank account in India then we will do direct bank to bank transfer of the finalized revenue otherwise we will do payment transfer using Paypal.

Because every paid courses is sold with 30 days guarantee period so a sell will become mature only after 30 days if there is no refund was demanded by the customer and payment for this sell be delivered to the course owner in first week of the subsequent month after a sell becomes mature.

Answer - Right now we deal with only two currencies US Dollars and Indian Rupees. So our customers buy the courses using either US Dollar or Indian Rupees though our payment gatways (Paypal & CCAvenue) are capable enough to support any given currency.

So if you are taking your payment in India then all total earned amount will be converted into Indian Rupees using Dollar to Rupees conversion rate given by the bank and finally it will be transfrered to your bank. But if you are asking your money transfer through Paypal then we will convert all the amount into US Dollars and will send it to you using Paypal.

Kindly note that if you are taking your money throug Paypal then there will be some currency conversion and payment gateway charges applicable on the remittance.

Answer - Yes you can remove your course anytime from our platform. In such case, your course will not be available for further sells, but whatever sells we have already done then those subscribers will continue using the course to fulfil lifetime access clause.

Answer - We are hosting all the content at Amazon S3 which is assumed to be the most secure storage platform in the industry. Second, all the courses have been put behind a secure login and access is provided after proper authentication. We also use signed cookies to deliver the content which makes sure that only authenticated user can access the course material. At this moment we do not provide any direct download of the content.

Answer - If you are finding someone has posted your course with us then report us immediately at contact[at]tutorialspoint[dot]com with enough proofs to prove your ownership. If copyright infringe is found then we will immediately disable the course from the site for any further sell.

Answer - Yes, we do not have any objection if you host them anywhere else.

Answer - Following are the list of Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

Answer - You can write us at contact@tutorialspoint.com or you can use Contact Us link

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