Complete Arduino Course for Beginners

Become a Pro by unleashing the Arduino from Basics

Course Description

Are you looking for a comprehensive Course for Arduino?

Are you a beginner?

Do you want to build interesting applications using Arduino?

If you say “Yes” to all these questions, then you may have landed on the right course page.

This course is for students, hobbyists, makers, and engineers who want to unleash the Arduino from basics.

The course structure seems very short to you if you compare it to others, but trust me with this fairly simple course structure I have covered every detail of Arduino that a beginner should know.

Why you should do this Course?

The course is well designed and well thought out. Before designing this course, I have discussed the possible topics with my students. According to their feedback, the course structure is finalized.

The course structure has 4 sections and each section has 5-7 lessons. It will be easy for a step learner to identify the topics and continue learning in steps. This can ease your learning curve.

The topics are covered in depth. The functions, which are used in applications, are explained in depth. This helps the pro learners to get the inside details of Arduino.

Periodic and planned quizzes will help you assess your knowledge. The assignments are also like projects which can establish the “thinking brain” in you. This process will help you to not only learn but applying your knowledge.

Who am I?

After working for more than 14 years in this field, I am on Udemy to share my knowledge and experiences with you. You can see my Bio

Who this course is for:

  • Hobbyists and beginners want to explore the world of Arduino
  • Makers who want to build interesting things using Arduino
  • Professionals who want to grab an in depth knowledge on Arduino


  • Understand the Arduino from basics

  • Know the Arduino Uno Hardware in details

  • How to with Arduino IDE

  • Details of ATmega328p as a Controller

  • How to create your first Arduino Program

  • What are Libraries and Shields

  • Understand the basics of Arduino functions

  • What are the rarely used Arduino Functions

  • How to work with Temperature Sensor

  • How to work with Light Sensor

  • How to measure distance using Ultrasonic Sensor

  • What are Interrupts and their uses

  • How to use LCD 16x2 for display

  • How to work with Servo Motors

  • How to communicate with Smartphone

  • How to use a Keypad with Arduino

  • Build interesting applications

  • Make more out of less components


  • You should know Basic Electronics and little bit of C language

  • You should know circuit making methods using Breadboards

  • You should have an Arduino Board and other components mentioned in "How to do the Course"

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  • Why you should do this Course?
  • How to do this Course?
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Complete Arduino Course for Beginners
This Course Includes
  • 5.5 hours
  • 36 Lectures
  • 9 Resources
  • 60 Quiz Questions
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  • Language English
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